Anti-Corruption Declaration

All applications for employment will be evaluated and selected according to their job related skills, qualifications and abilities.

Decisions based on attributes unrelated to job performance constitute unlawful discrimination and are prohibited.

We do however seek to understand where applicants have, or appear to have, a conflict of interest with the proposed role at South32.

We require applicants to disclose any pre-existing relationships or interests that could amount to an actual or perceived conflict of interest for the proposed role with South32, including any close relationships with Government Officials.

This is to ensure that any relevant conflicts of interest can be managed appropriately and avoided for the proposed role (For example, through informed and known allocation of work tasks, or necessary segregation of employee duties).

Our Code of Business Conduct contains further information on what might constitute a conflict of interest.

For purposes of this section, ‘Government Official’ and ‘close relative’ have the following meaning a outlined in the glossary to our Code of Business Conduct.

A ‘Government Official’ includes:

  • Any officer or employee of government or public international organisation or any department or agency thereof, any government-owned or controlled entity (including state owned enterprises);
  • Any person actin in an official function or capacity for a government or public international organisation;
  • Any political party official, office bearer or candidate for political office;
  • Any individual who holds or performs the duties of an appointment, office or position created by custom or convention, including, potentially, some tribal leaders and members of royal families;
  • Any person who holds themselves out to be the authorized intermediary of a government official.

A “close relative’ includes a spouse, partner, parent, step-parent, child, step-child, sibling, step-sibling, nephew, aunt, uncle, grandparent, grandchild and partner of any of these.